Sacred geometry has been the basis of many famous religious architectural buildings that, based on the work of Da Vinci and Pythagorus, are primary to these golden ratios.  There is something unknown to the human interpretation of objects created based on sacred geometry.  Mostly there is a calmness, equality, beauty that exceeds any other form that is created without the principals.   The formulas for sacred geometry can be seen in natural elements, such as flowers and sea shells or should we say that sacred geometry derived its forms from nature?  Perhaps we should as it was nature that was here before the geometry was realized.  

There is no expert mathematician here that created the following symbols you are about to see, but simply a flowing of information, we will call a gift.  The story begins with an understanding that we humans have to be in charge of our consciousness or our own inner world and what we allow to believe and what we should dismiss as false.  Today in our world we are submitted with too much false-ness that overrides our innate nature of spirit, the true divine source otherwise known as sacred presence.  Seeing sacred presence with symbolism validates the oneness of the universe.  The message came with a note to understand a deception to the power of numbers.  For instance we have been programmed to believe that multiple numbers of six are evil in nature.  I have been told that it is quite contrary, the multiples of six are very much auspicious and should be focused on for true peace, love, balance and strength.  It is the nature of spirit, life force or any symbol that promotes the essence of life for the good of all, that is divinely recognized as a connection to our source of one that benefits the entire conscious universe.  

No matter what each of us chooses to promote the divine energetic source, whether it be meditation, prayer, charity, sacred geometry, yoga, chanting, or the hundreds of other modalities matters not; what matters is what is right for you to focus  your attention to source.  Having symbolic guides is an anchor for focus, to keep the momentum up for forward movement to higher realms of consciousness.  Source gifts us with the many avenues that fit each of us in the time and place we are now.  It is up to us to use what ever feels right in the moment, but to really do the work and focus.  With all that said, please enjoy the symbols that will hopefully elicit a emotional response in you, taking you to a new higher level of learning.  A key to unlock your next door.